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Blue Monday? More of a dull grey in London…

Mondays are always a little depressing, but according to my favourite Canadian newspaper today tops them all. I went online this evening to check up on what was happening back in the motherland, and this is what first popped out at me:

Welcome to the most depressing day of the year. Jan. 18 has been designated “Blue Monday” – the day when the perfect storm of failing our new year’s resolutions, working through debts from the holiday season and the grim weather make us feel horrible. 
Source: Globe and Mail

Good thing I didn’t read this at the start of the day or it could have turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy!! The article goes onto suggest four ways to “cope with Blue Monday”:

  1. Skip the fast food breakfast. Okay, Globe and Mail, I understand what you’re saying. Sugary snacks and Egg McMuffins don’t provide the most balanced start to the day… And yes, there is the risk – alright, certainty – of hitting a massive sugar crash around 11:00 am… but does your suggestion of swapping normal Cinnabons for “cinnamon buns made with whole wheat flour” REALLY do the trick?? Honestly. I say either go big or go home. If you have a craving for a Cinnabon, go for the darn Cinnabon. Some dry, mealy block of over-spiced and under-iced cinnamon bun just isn’t going to cut the craving. Sure you’ll hit a sugar low later, but for that 90 seconds when you’re devouring your ‘bon, don’t try to tell me you aren’t blissfully happy. If you really want to go healthy, switch the meal entirely and pick a lovely egg white omlette with spinach, feta, and roasted tomatoes. Mmm.
  2. Let the light in. Just 30 minutes a day of light can improve your mood. Yup, definitely agree with this one. But where, pray tell, can one find this in LONDON???
  3. Have a YouTube marathon. I whole-heartedly support this suggestion. The things you can find on youtube sometimes… My personal favourite ones are the collection of videos of babies dancing to Beyonce’s single ladies (put a ring on it): Baby Dancing to Beyonce
  4. Sweat, baby, sweat. DEFINITELY agree with this one. Working out at an intensity higher than normal will kick start your mood and release all those lovely endorphins…But wait – Monday is my day off from training!
How did YOU survive your blue Monday?

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