Hung up on hangovers?

My morning run

The weekend started brilliantly. I woke up on Saturday morning, refreshed and excited to see sunlight coming through my bedroom window. Within minutes, I threw on my running tights, a long-sleeved shirt, and grabbed my tunes as I ran out the door, not sure where I was heading but looking forward to getting there. My feet took me to the […]

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Gluten Free diets: hidden secrets of top athletes!

Warning: this post contains important information that will change the way you think about your carbs. Put down your pret-a-manger sandwich and read on at your own risk! With just three weeks left to go before my race in Australia, there really isn’t any time left for making mistakes (and believe this klutz, I’ve been known to make more than a few!). I’ve tried to get more sleep to help promote recovery, I’ve added extra time on to my stretching routine, and I’m starting to use a wobble board at work in the mornings (hopefully before my colleagues arrive) to increase my stability. I’ve even cut out jay-walking across busy London streets for fear of getting hit by errant black cabs. Okay, maybe I’m getting paranoid, but I’m not taking any chances! The biggest change I’ve made recently, however, has been to my nutrition. Yeah, everyone knows nutrition is important, but I’ve learned over the past couple weeks just HOW important nutrition really is. Seriously. I mean, I’ve always tried to eat really healthily anyway, so I didn’t think there was much room for improvement. Just ask my sister – after we lived together for a year, she couldn’t stand the smell of cooked broccoli. And each time I come back home to visit my family, my father complains about the fact that an entire shelf of the fridge is taken up by spinach. I can’t look at the sight of red […]

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Multi-day racing: choosing your food

Wow, has it been ages since I’ve written on this blog! I would like to say that I just lost track of time, but my sister has kindly provided me with bi-weekly reminders that I’ve been dropping the ball. I know that you, like my sister, have felt this gaping hole in your heart as a result of my absence from the blogosphere… So in order to appease my fans (aka my sister, with the recent addition of my mom), I will be providing a six week countdown to my next race: Racing the Planet’s 250 km self-supported footrace in the Australian Outback! The biggest challenge I faced this week in my training did not, in fact, have anything to do with running. In preparing for a self-supported footrace, one of the most important things you have to do is organize what you are going to eat during the competition! Sounds easy, right? The more the better? Well, that sounds like a great plan only until you realize that you have to carry everything on your back… When I entered my first self-supported footrace in 2008 (Racing the Planet: Vietnam), I attacked the food problem with all the type-A, intellectual geekness I could muster.  I took every bit of knowledge I had acquired in my adolescence from reading Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines about how to pick low-calorie foods and went scouring through the grocery store aisles for the most calorie-dense foods possible. […]

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