I’m a 35 year old Canadian human rights lawyer who discovered ultrarunning nine years ago and now my closet is filled with running shoes, rather than high heels!  To steal from one of my favourite running novels, I run to ‘seek the void’ (see here).

DSCF0167The last few years have been rather exciting… After completing a year in Afghanistan with the UN in 2013, I took a job in South Sudan in 2014 assisting people who were displaced by violence, which required me to live in a tent in very basic conditions. That same year, I started a charity called Free to Run, which provides opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sports in conflict-affected communities! We have now been operating for two years in Afghanistan across three different provinces and have a refugee program in Hong Kong.  Recently, I finished two years in Gaza working for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and am now blissfully happy to be based in Geneva, where I’m enjoying being able to access the mountains again.

After almost five years of living in hardship duties stations where my training consisted mainly of running on treadmills, I’m looking forward to seeing where consistent training in the alps will take me! My ultrarunning ‘career‘ has consisted of eight 250 km self-supported footraces, but the 100 miler (or beyond!) is my favourite distance! Tor des Geants, a 330km (24000m+) mountain race in Italy, remains at the core of my heart, and I was lucky enough to complete it in 2015 (shortened course) and 2016.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll stick with me on my next adventure!

Please don’t forget to check out Free to Run!