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Imperfect steps

Deferring a race entry due to pregnancy? UTMB says no

Puking Glitter: My Experience at Western States

Transvulcania Race Report (2017)

My narrow escape in the Italian Alps

Speaking out

I woke up at 2:30am with my iPhone clutched in my hands. One eye still closed, I quickly checked the US election results, eager to see how far ahead Hillary was in the polls. When I saw the jigsaw puzzle of red squares and rectangles bleeding westward across the US map, I knew I wouldn’t be getting back to sleep. Concern turned […]

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Re-learning ‘normal’

I have been in Geneva now for over three months and I think it has finally sunk in that this is my home. That I don’t have to return ‘back’ to the field. That life really is this easy. However, as I write these words, sitting here in my lovely modern apartment, I have an uncomfortable mixture of feelings underneath my general state […]

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