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Media coverage

Free to Run (March 2021): Free to Run Founder Stephanie Case Awarded Meritorious Service Medal of Canada
Talk Ultra with Ian Corless (March 2021): Stephanie Case
The Pyllars Podcast with Dylan Bowman (March 2021): Stephanie Case – Human rights lawyer and ultrarunner
Sam Gash Podcast (December 2020): Stephanie Case – the Ultimate Outlier
iRunFar (September 2020): Catching up with Stephanie Case
Everything Endurance Podcast (June 2020): Running in Mountains, Training in Warzones with Stephanie Case
Study UK (July 2019): Social Impact Alumni Award Global Finalist
Canadian Trail Running Magazine (July 2019): Training for Distance vs Time on the Trails
Outside Online (June 2019): A Response from a Proud “Lazy Parasite” Trail Runner
Canadian Trail Running Magazine (March 2018): Two Canadian Women Headed to Barkley Marathons
Alive Magazine (October 2018): Free to Run: Stephanie Case is transforming women’s lives, one ultramarathon at a time
Manbunrun podcast (September 2018): The Ultrarunnergirl (August 2018): Relentless Forward Motion
CBC Radio: The Current (May 2018; rebroadcast July 2018): Meet the lawyer and marathon runner who creates safe spaces for others to compete
Trail Runner Nation (April 2018): Living Life Outside the Comfort Zone
Outside Magazine (April 2018): The Women of the Barkley Marathons
Canadian Running Magazine (March 2018): When Running Meets Activism
Canadian Running Magazine (March 2018): This Canadian May Be the Most Interesting Person Running the 2018 Barkley Marathons
OZY (Jan 2018): The Ultrarunner Empowering Women in Conflict Countries
RaceBase World (July 2017): An Interview with Stephanie Case (post Western States)
Strava (July 2017): Get in the Boat: A Story of the Western States 100
Canadian Running Magazine (June 2017): Top Canadian results from the 2017 Western States 100
RunUltra UK (June 2017): Running Through Danger: An Interview with Stephanie Case
Outside Magazine (May 2017): Meet the People Making Running More Inclusive
Open Magazine (Feb 2017): Be True to Yourself
UltraRunnerPodcast (8 Feb 2017): Rescue in the Alps and Pushing our Limitations
Runner’s World (20 Jan 2017): Heroes of Running: The Ultra Activist, Stephanie Case
RunUltra UK (18 Jan 2017): 2017 RunUltra Suunto Blogger Awards Finalist
Tough Girl Podcast (9 Jan 2017): “Tough Girl Podcast – Stephanie Case
La Vallee (7 Jan 2017): “Migliora la canadese scivolata in un dirupo
Carreras por Montana (5 Jan 2017): “Stephanie Case, hospitalizada tras una fuerte caída en Courmayeur
Montagna TV (4 Jan 2017): “Sta meglio l’atleta seconda al Tor des Géants caduta nei pressi del rifugio Bonatti
Aostaserra (2 Jan 2017): “Stabili le condizioni di Stephanie Case, runner con la passione per il Tor des Géants
 (Sept 2016): Show Me the Woman: Stephanie Case 
Tor des Geants (Sept 2016): Second Place Stephanie Case
Wifi Fitness (August 2016): 50 Best Women’s Running Blogs to Start Reading Now
Outside Online (August 2016): Afghanistan’s Only Female Marathon Runner Is Racing to Keep Women’s Sport Alive
Women’s Running (Dec 2015): “15 Most Powerful Women in Running: She Ran 155 Miles to Support Women Who Can’t Run Safely”
PBS NewsHour (November 2015): “In Afghanistan, using sports to fill the gender gap”
The Guardian (October 2015): “Afghanistan’s female marathon runner defies danger to go the distance”
Trail Running Canada (August 2015): “Free to Run: Interview with Stephanie Case”
Adventure Awards Days
(August 2015)
ITV On Assignment (July 2015): “First Afghan Ultramarathon Team Competes in Gobi Desert”
MadAthlete Connects
(July 2015): “Interview with UltraRunnerGirl, Stephanie Case”
(July 2015): Part 1: “‘Sport has the power to change lives and communities’: Stephanie Case, Ultrarunner and Free to Run Founder”, Part 2: “Ultramarathons are about finding strength deep within: Stephanie Case on endurance training”
Trail Runner Magazine (May 2015): “10 Hilarious Trail-Running Bloggers You Should Be Following”
Tor des Geants (February 2015): “Beaucoup d’Inscrits et d’Interessants Personnages”
(January 2015): “2015 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc Top Entrants Announced”
irunfar (January 2015): “2015 Vibram Hong Kong 100 Race Preview”
Inspiring Adventurer Podcast (May 2014): “Stephanie Case: Ultra Runner Girl Bringing Hope and Help to the World”
The Runner’s Trip (Apr. 2014): “An Ultra Race Against Hunger and Violence: Q&A with Ultrarunner Stephanie Case in South Sudan”
Greatist (Jan. 2014): “60 Must-Read Health, Fitness and Happiness Blogs for 2014”
Healthline (Dec. 2013): “Best Blogs of 2013”
OutdoorBuzz (Nov. 2013): “An Inspiring ‘Case'”
Kickass Canadians (Apr. 2013): “Stephanie Case, humanitarian- lawyer- runner- conqueror”
The Examiner (Feb. 2013): “Meet Stephanie Case: Ultra Marathon Runner”
Queen’s Alumni Magazine (Feb. 2013): “True Grit”
Go Trail Magazine (Feb. 2013): “Bullets, Bombings and Bandanas”
Breaking Muscle (Jan. 2013): “Winners Announced: Top 10 Fitness Blogs of 2013”
Go Trail Magazine (Feb/Mar 2012): “The Winning Strategy of Second Place” (pp 24-32)
RunningFitness Magazine (Aug. 2010): “Case Study” Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
RacingThePlanet (Apr. 2010): “Epic Journeys Down Under”
Ultrarunning Magazine (Sept. 2009): “Vermont 100 – Dual Duels in the Sun”
NBC’s World of Adventure Sports (2008): Episode on Racing the Planet Vietnam


“Stephanie Case is an ultrarunner, freelance writer, human-rights lawyer and founder of the nonprofit Free to Run, which provides opportunities for women and girls to get involved in sports in conflict-afflicted communities like Afghanistan and South Sudan. She’s also very funny.  Though her line of work is a serious one, her blog—Ultra Runner Girl: Running (tripping and falling) my way through life!—is just as entertaining as it is inspirational, educational and thought-provoking.” – Trail Runner Magazine

“Written by a female ultra-runner originally from Canada working in some of the most remote places in the world, Ultra Runner Girl brings insight and opinion to her posts which include reflections on running long distances, training logs and race reports from exotic locales around the world.” –Sport Pursuit

“For the uninitiated, ultra running refers to any race of over 50 kilometers (approximately 31.07 miles), often reaching as much as 100 miles and lasting for 6 days. As if that wasn’t hardcore enough, Stephanie Case of Ultra Runner Girl trains and races in many high conflict regions such as Afghanistan and Sudan, where she conducts her work as a human rights advisor. Inspired yet? You will be when you read her blog, which documents her adventures.” –Precor

“Like many of us, human rights advisor Stephanie Case always packs running shoes when she travels for work. Unlike most nine-to-fivers, she’s trained or competed in Vietnam, Nepal, Australia, China, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and Malaysia. She documents her travels (as well as her runs) on her blog. Whether you’re interested in humanitarian fieldwork, long-distance running, or exotic travel, her blog has a little something for everyone with an adventurous spirit.” –Greatist

“Most ultra running blogs—and ultra runners themselves—concern themselves with race synopses and training mileage and all manner of tech talk. Not so “Ultra Runner Girl” (, one of those rare runner blogs you’d read even if you weren’t at all interested in the sport. When she’s not out running crazy distances—100 to 250k excursions through places like China’s Gobi Desert and the Swiss Alps—Stephanie Case is serving as a United Nations legal officer in Afghanistan, doing human rights work in Kyrgyzstan, and mending a broken heart (hers) in France. Imagine traveling to some of the world’s most exotic locales, helping out the locals, then running about 150 miles, and you’ll get a sense of Ms. Case’s life—and highly entertaining blog.” –American Athlete Mag

“Stephanie Case is serious about running. In fact, “runner” doesn’t really capture what she does. Case, creator of Ultra Runner Girl, has completed six 250-kilometer races and several 100-mile endurances races. Case’s blog dives into the philosophies behind distance running and helps runners of all levels find encouragement and meaning. If you’re not inspired by her running, you’ll certainly be inspired by her job. Case is an activist, working all over the globe to end human rights abuses.” –Healthline

“With race reports from ultras in some of the remotest places on the planet, Ultra Runner Girl is like no other running blog on the net. Human rights worker and blogger Stephanie Case fell into ultra running quite by accident. That is, after a little too much too drink, she paid the deposit on a 250K ultra in Vietnam and actually ended up going. Oh, and she ended up taking third place in that race. Well, then. Look for tales of running in some amazing places, from the UTMB in Europe to the Gobi Desert and Nepal. Our personal favorite? Case’s report from training in Bamyan, Afghanistan, where she happily notes that she could run without being shot at. This blog’s adventurous spirit will remind you that the world is full of fantastic places to run.” –Left Coast Running 

“Stephanie Case is the Ultra Runner Girl who has completed a number of ultra races all over the world. Her blog documents her experience training and running wherever she is living, the conversations she has with other ultra runners, and practical advice for others interested in running very, very long distances.” –Institute for the Psychology of Eating

“If you love reading about ultrarunning in exotic locations around the world, Ultra Runner Girl is the blog for you. Despite being relatively new to ultrarunning, Stephanie started the blog in August 2009, around the same time as giving up her career in corporate law to assist some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. It’s this work in human rights that has also resulted in her being able to run in a wide range of locations around the world, and often in extreme conditions. This includes high conflict regions such as South Sudan and Afghanistan, where she’s launched numerous projects through Free to Run– a non-profit organization that uses running and physical fitness to empower and educate females in conflict affected communities. While Stephanie has no doubt covered her fair share of 5K distances, it’s the ultrarunning (usually classed as any running event longer than the traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles) that’s her true passion. With a long list of achievements including completing six 250-kilometer races and numerous 100-mile events, it’s not just Stephanie’s human rights and charity work that you’ll find inspirational, but the dedication she has to distance running and sharing her experiences with you. Her passion for writing about her experiences – both running and human rights – in locations from the Amazon jungle to Thai Buddhist monasteries has also led her to become asuccessful freelance writer, with articles published in Breaking Muscle, Healthline, GoTrail Magazine, and ActiveWearUSA to name a few.” –USA HomeGym

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    I work in tech PR (and have a lot of fitness/wearable tech gadgets) and I came across your blog as I was researching new avenues for product reviews. But, upon reading your about me, I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration I think you are! I am a runner myself (only a few half marathons and 4 milers before the work day) so nothing close to you, but I so admire both your adventurous spirit and dedication to human rights work. I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work, you have other priorities that come before a product review 🙂 Thanks for the dose of inspiration today!

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