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Disruptions of volcanic proportions

Wow, who would have thought I would be sitting here just 72 hours away from my flight to Australia, wondering if it will be cancelled due to VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS???

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier erupted last week (Thursday, was it?) and threw the UK’s (and Europe’s) airspace into chaos. We’re talkin’ worse than 9/11. YEAH. Some flights have gotten out of the Scottish airports, but Heathrow and other London airports have now been closed for three days. The reports keep saying “airports will be closed until 9am tomorrow” and then it gets bumped to 3pm…then 11pm…then the next day… BAH! Now we’re up to Sunday morning. My flight to Kununurra is on Tuesday. And no one knows what is going to happen!

I guess the deal is that the particles from the ash cause a wack-load of problems for planes. Everything from messing up with visibility, killing the jets, and creating spontaneous black holes in the middle of the sky which sucks in all planes, seagulls, and fluffy clouds. Okay, maybe not the black hole thing, but right now I would believe just about anything.

I really can’t contemplate the thought of missing this race due to a VOLCANO. First I was worried about airline strikes, but VOLCANOS??? I mean, let’s think about what I’ve put into this race.

I’ve given up Friday nights out and Sunday mornings in.
I’ve given up potential relationships, wheat, and toenails (in no particular order of importance).
I’ve surrendered my mastercard (and my visa) solely to sporting apparel.
I’ve sacrificed my sanity on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily.
I’ve seen my back bleed, my feet blister, and my shoulders bruise.
I’ve put my heart, muscles, and running reputation on the line for this race.

No wimpy little Icelandic volcano is going to stop me from competing!!! 

(Um, please???)

I’ve heard of rain dances – pray tell, is there a clear skies dance I can do? Because I’ll do it in the streets, I’ll dance it on the rooftops, and I’ll tap dance my way to Heathrow! PLEASE!!!

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