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Do you think this is worthy of a donation??

Since January 1, 2010…

4 months of training everyday – sometimes twice a day
50 lbs spinach consumed
16 large cartons of protein powder ingested
14 pairs of running shoes tested
1 melted mastercard
250+ hours of cardiovascular activity
1 femoral stress fracture
6 sessions of full-body freezing down to -135 degrees (really)
16 strength training sessions with a 250 lb Northerner
270 needles stuck into my muscles
1 steroid injection
3 nervous breakdowns…last week
20+ lbs I will be carrying on my back
250 km of sand, rocks, and crocodile-infested rivers I will traverse

Living off of cheesecake guilt-free when I finish the race…priceless!

And if that doesn’t convince you to donate, just look at what I will be doing to my feet (photos courtesy of Racing the Planet Namibia last year – yes, they are mine!)

With less than two weeks to go before my 250 km self-supported footrace in the Australian outback, it really is down to crunch time! Training has been particularly brutal, but I’m hanging in there and feeling strong for the race (and nervous!). I really want to thank everyone who has shown their support for cancer research so far… I will think of each person who has helped me along the way during the race and it will help get me through! But I must admit, fundraising is going slowly! I could really use your help! Cancer has intimately affected my family as it has for many of you as well, and your donation would not only mean the world to me, but it would also go a long way towards helping eradicate this deadly disease. Even a small donation counts! It really, really does! Please take a minute to consider showing your support for this worthy cause. Details on how to donate (and get a tax receipt!) are below.

But wait – there’s more!! I would really love to get messages from you during the race. Yes, you can write me through the website and follow along with my progress as I stumble through the outback. It should be entertaining so please follow along! All the instructions are below.

Thanks SO MUCH everyone and I’ll see you on the flip side! I will be updating my blog through the Racing the Planet website everyday, so please have a look and see how I’m doing! Find it through here: 

Go here to sign up for breaking news updates:  

Go here to email me during the race! Yes – I CAN read your messages if you send them through the website! Inspirational quotes, negative reinforcement, teasing – all welcome! 

Go here to donate


Thank you to the following people and organizations for their incredible support!

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