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Male-only marathon?

As an adventure-hungry blogger, I often get invitations to interesting races. In early November last year, I got an email from a Dutch guy named Jan, who invited me to the first international marathon in Iran. Fabulous, I thought. I am so in. Visa issues aside as a Canadian, this seemed like a seriously cool opportunity. However, after I started looking into the registration details, […]

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A blink in time

I blinked and suddenly the year was over. Have you ever had one of those moments during a race? Earlier this year, during Tor des Geants, I thought I closed my eyes for a second or two while I was running up a hill. However, when I opened my eyes again I found myself staring at a completely new landscape. I had […]

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Tor des Geants Race Report: Into the Mouth of the Wolf (Part 1)

I burst through the doors of Rifugio Grand Tourmalin and surveyed the scene through bleary, sleep-deprived eyes. Two – no three – other runners were seated at long wooden tables drinking tea, trying to warm up. There was a table covered in mountain food just in front of me: a familiar scene of dry biscuits, pre-packaged individual serving pies, dried apricots, cheese and […]

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