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Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run – Race Report!

Hi all! Okay, so I’ve never actually written a race report before, so bear with me!!! The Vermont 100 Mile Endurance race was this past weekend and it was (gulp) my first 100 miler…In the days leading up to the race I was 50% basket case and 50% excited. I’m lying, actually. I was 100% basket case. Would I finally experience what it felt like hit the WALL (or ‘bonk’ as you Americans call it)? Would I hallucinate and if so, what fun things would I see? Would I end up taking a wrong turn and does two wrong turns make a right?  Would I have the self-control to keep running past the Ben and Jerry’s factory if I saw it en route?  How would I be able to resist the urge to leap onto the back of the horses that ran so effortlessly by me (or at least hang onto their tails for dear life)? So many questions…. As you ‘veterans’ have already learned, you just never know what will happen in a 100 miler. Training can get you most of the way, but beyond a certain point it is up to the running gods. And boy, are they finnicky.  I knew I was going into the race as prepared as possible.  My coach and ultrarunner extraordinaire, Ray Zahab, gave me a phenomenal training plan, which I followed religiously (y’know, to try to appease the running gods). My longest run was 8 hours two weeks before the race during which […]

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