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Space hoppers: the new cross-training technique

Thursday was the annual Staff Day Out for the International Bar Association. Now, you’d think that spending an entire day on a farm playing traditional English school games with a bunch of lawyers would be about as exciting as, well, sitting in a room with a bunch of lawyers (ha)… but not so! We were all split up into teams about a week before the grand event. That’s when the emails and secret meetings started. Suddenly my inbox became inundated with emails written in CAPS. MEET IN THE KITCHEN AT 4PM TO DISCUSS COSTUMES!!!! WE NEED A TEAM NAME!!! We should have named ourselves the Red October with the amount of covert operations going on in the office! There were seven members on our team so we decided to base our name (and theme) around that…The Seven Dwarfs? James Bond 007? We settled on the Seven Deadly Sins… I chose pride. Now, it is easy to find an ugly prom dress outfit with oversized, loud accessories (er, I mean, different from my usual oversized accessories…), but try finding one that is also functional for traditional English games (I still didn’t really know what that meant at that point). There I was on my lunch hour the day before the Staff Day Out, in the change room of a hideously tacky store on Oxford Street (appropriately titled ‘Hyper Hyper’), testing out the range of motion of various nasty dresses as I lunged […]

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High altitude training in Central London?

I’m not fully settled in a new city until I have found My Gym. THE Gym. In other words, my Second Home. In New York, I was lucky enough to have access to an Equinox gym about half a block away from my apartment. Spinning classes, spa services, excellent cardio equipment, juice bar, pool, and — the best — ice pools right next to hot baths. After a workout I would plunge my legs into the ice bath for 2 min, followed by 2 min in the bubble-less jacuzzi (for two cycles). It is one of the best ways to flush the lactic acid out of the muscles and help promote recovery. …But alas, it is tough being spoilt. As I’ve quickly learned, the gyms in London just don’t compare to the gyms of NYC… Except for ONE: the Third Space ( Now, as I’ve learned using my highly refined wikipedia research skills (is this what I learned in law school?), the term “third spaces” refers to social surroundings separate from the “first space”, being the home, and the “second space”, being the workplace. Third spaces are thought of as the “anchors” of community life that facilitate creative interaction. Author Ray Oldenburg, in his book entitledThe Great Good Place, argues that the defining features of a true “third space” are that it is (1) free or inexpensive, (2) highly accessible, (3) welcoming and comfortable, and (4) usually has food and […]

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Two degrees of separation?

I started work this week at the Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association in Central London… The people are amazing and the work sounds fantastic. The hilarious part is that the IBA is located on the top floor of a building FILLED with crappy television producers…not only am I learning about human rights violations around the world, I am also getting an education in bad tv. Did you know that America’s Got Talent was 11th in the ratings last week and Coronation Street has 3.2% of the market share??  Personally, I think forcing someone to watch Eastenders is a human rights no-no in itself… I had my second chance encounter this week. My colleague with whom I share a work sp ace heard that I ran “really long races” and asked if I was an ultrarunner.  Now, as I’ve discovered, the average Dylan (Joe just seems so expected) does NOT know what an “ultramarathoner” or “ultrarunner” is. I’ve had people asked me if I was one of those crazy “ultrathoners”, “uber marathoner”, or my favourite, “hyper runner”. To be fair hyper runner is probably a more accurate description for the sport, but anyway, I digress…. “Why yes, I am an ultrarunner. Do you happen to know someone who does them?” I asked. “Yeah, someone I went to school with actually. This guy, Mark.” Immediately I thought of Mark Mosimann, the only Mark I know, in fact, in ultrarun […]

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Hyde Park Encounter

Hyde Park Encounter

Ah, jet lag. How long can I keep using that as an excuse to sleep in past 10 am guilt-free? This is my third day in London in my new house and I’m ALMOST settled in. I’ve now got bedding, hangers, all the right plug adapters and a lamp. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the right light bulbs (it is […]

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Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run – Race Report!

Hi all! Okay, so I’ve never actually written a race report before, so bear with me!!! The Vermont 100 Mile Endurance race was this past weekend and it was (gulp) my first 100 miler…In the days leading up to the race I was 50% basket case and 50% excited. I’m lying, actually. I was 100% basket case. Would I finally experience what it felt like hit the WALL (or ‘bonk’ as you Americans call it)? Would I hallucinate and if so, what fun things would I see? Would I end up taking a wrong turn and does two wrong turns make a right?  Would I have the self-control to keep running past the Ben and Jerry’s factory if I saw it en route?  How would I be able to resist the urge to leap onto the back of the horses that ran so effortlessly by me (or at least hang onto their tails for dear life)? So many questions…. As you ‘veterans’ have already learned, you just never know what will happen in a 100 miler. Training can get you most of the way, but beyond a certain point it is up to the running gods. And boy, are they finnicky.  I knew I was going into the race as prepared as possible.  My coach and ultrarunner extraordinaire, Ray Zahab, gave me a phenomenal training plan, which I followed religiously (y’know, to try to appease the running gods). My longest run was 8 hours two weeks before the race during which […]

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