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Bullets, Bombings and Bandanas: Guest post on Go Trail

Hey everyone!! Two things: one, check out my post here on Go Trail with my FAV editor, James Hallett, and two, if you’ve enjoyed reading my blog over the past year, please consider nominating for best fitness blog on Breaking Muscle! All you have to do is click here and post my blog in a comment 🙂  Thanks everyone and I (or James) would love to hear your feedback on my reflections of training in Afghanistan.  One month to go here in the armed compound – I can’t wait to see my family again back in Canada!  I’ve got trail running, mountain climbing (Mont Blanc, here I come), ultra racing (Mont Blanc, here I come again, and maybe some Himalayas too – looking for CREW so contact me if you’re interested!) and french learning ahead. Life is GOOD people!! Thanks to everyone. You matter so much, especially to this crazy ultrarunner living far away from friends and family. Get out there and enjoy your run!

Photo Credit: Jan Brower, UNICEFPhoto Credit: Jan Brouwer

Photo Credit: Jan Brower, UNICEF

3 comments on “Bullets, Bombings and Bandanas: Guest post on Go Trail

  1. Stephanie
    It wasn’t even a question of “will I bother?” When I saw your request for votes for best fitness blog … I went straight to the Breaking Muscle site and lodged my vote without hesitation. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and look forward to the latest issue even more than I anticipate my first coffee each morning! Your humility and insight overshadows your incredible achievements … and against all odds! Your ‘spirit’ and enthusiasm motivates me to keep stepping out there each day and I view the incredible surrounds I am running in everyday with new found appreciation when I consider what you have been training in. It strikes me that here in New Zealand the contrast couldn’t be greater than what you face in Afghanistan yet we share the common thread of a passion and drive to get back out there and keep on running, no matter what – this is what makes us all equal – our love and joy of ultrarunning.
    Keep on running and keep on writing! Tim

    • Hi Tim! What an incredibly nice thing to say! That really just made my day. It is my dream to go running along those beautiful trails I’ve been reading about in New Zealand for years…. Get out there an crank out a couple of miles for me! Thanks again for the support and thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. you have my vote too. I enjoy your honesty, warts and all approach to your postings. Thanks for sharing over this past wee while. You really must get to NZ, we’d love to have you 🙂

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