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Day 5 (Stage 4) of the G2G

Our spirits were pretty low this morning. The sights and sounds of Vegas are ringing stronger and stronger in our heads.  Knowing that every day we are spending here dirty, tired and in pain is one less day we could spend in a comfy bed in the Marriott ordering room service… well, it was hard to keep the motivation up. After days roughing it together, Stuart and I finally had our first ‘tiff’. It only lasted about 5 minutes, but it was pretty hilarious. Yes, we fought over lube. Once we realized what we were doing, we cracked up. (hahaha, didn’t even mean to make that joke there, but that’s pretty good). Speaking of lube, even the strongest diaper rash cream has not helped my little bum problem. Oh man, the first 15 km or so, Stuart and I were working out the logistics to Vegas. “Do you hear a road? I think I hear cars. We could hitchhike maybe?” But I knew deep down I just couldn’t drop out. The low moment would pass. I’m here to raise money for Women for Afghan Women, who do incredible work and deserve all the support in the world.  As enticing as Vegas was, I was destined for yet another marathon today.

It sounds crazy, but we were relieved it was “only a marathon” today. After 50km, 56 km, and 78km, 42 km sounded like luxury!  I kept grinding the pain killers and just as the bum chafing FINALLY started to subside, would you believe it, I fell AGAIN. Right on the left knee. I couldn’t believe it myself. Seriously, do I have some kind of neurological disorder? Klutzitis? Topsy-turvyola? Hehehe…. arg. The knee had just dried up to a nasty looking scab as of this morning, and I left it in the sand again.  Around the campfire last night, I had competitor after competitor come up to me offering helpful advice: “it looks like you have ebola on your knee, eh?” or “that’s definitely syphilis knee” and “staph infection, for sure”. But I said no, no, the docs told me I’m doing GREAT!  Well, not anymore 🙂 I hit the right knee pretty badly as well and it swelled up to a nice little purple balloon. Stuart cheered me along and we counted down the kilometers, just like we have the past few days. It actually went by pretty quickly. After our strong finish on the long day, we did ALRIGHT today, but not great. Just happy it is done. One more marathon and then the long day to go….

…. and last night at camp, we were treated to POP. Or soda, for you non-Canadians or non-Minnesotans. I glugged down two delicious diet cokes and Stuart has even carried a third one for me to have later tonight or tomorrow. Who needs a intact bum or knee when you have diet coke???

Spirits have risen and without any lube fights in sight, Stuart and I are all googly-eyed again. A few of the volunteers have dubbed us “favourite couple”, which is nice. Never mind we are the only couple. I think we are pretty awesome.

Keep the messages coming!!!


2 comments on “Day 5 (Stage 4) of the G2G

  1. Ian & Judy Blieschke

    Hi Steph, ask Stu about eucy bear rub and banana and honey smoothies, guaranteed to cure anything! Keep up the great effort and just keep looking out for snakes and no more falling over. Luv Judy & Ian B

  2. Bummer (teehee) about your bottom half & your knee. You guys are kicking ass! 😉

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