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Race to Australia: Part Four, Singapore to Darwin

I’ve got 9 minutes left on this airport computer to type out an update… I had to leave Salvador and the spanish crew at the singapore airport this afternoon when we landed. They were going onwards to Perth and I to Darwin. Salvador said “see you tomorrow” and I whimpered, “no, see you in two days…” I started to think how crazy it was that I had to wait 24 hours in Darwin. Surely there was another flight! I went online and sure enough, there was a flight that still had spots for tomorrow from Darwin to Kununurra. Hmm, I suspect it was more expensive which is why I wasn’t booked on it in the first place.

Well, no stopping me now! I got myself a seat on that flight tomorrow and managed to get a refund on my non-refundable hotel booking for Darwin. Booyah! I should really consider switching careers.

I must admit, I am really breaking down now… It has been four full days of non-stop travel using every mode of transportation other than a camel. And don’t think I didn’t consider camels at one point. So I booked myself into a fish spa and got myself a massage, foot scrub, and fishy sessions on the toes. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, there is this weird craze in Asia to dunk your feet in pools of special fish that eat off your dead skin. I know, it sounds gross. And to be honest, it actually is. But what the heck, it can’t really get any more surreal right now… so why not have some little fishies help prepare my feet for the next 7 days of slaughter? Stay tuned for the video of the feeding – those little guys went to town on my ugly ultrarunner feet!

I feel absolutely awful, but I’m sure it’ll only get better (right??). I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. I land in Darwin at 4:30am tomorrow….

WISH ME LUCK! And keep those donations coming!!!!

1 comment on “Race to Australia: Part Four, Singapore to Darwin

  1. You are completely insane…. fish eating dead skin, GROSS!!!So just wondering, but what career would you switch to? Negotiator?? I think being a lawyer demands the same type of skills, no?Good luck getting to Darwin! And onto Australia after that…Oh and GREAT work with the constant blog updates. Love it. :)Kim

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