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Will turning into a popsicle help my running?

Lots going on this week so stay tuned! This Friday, I’m being interviewed by a journalist for a new running magazine here in the UK called Running Fitness. I’ve decided to subject the journalist to a pool run in my amazing gym (the Third Space), so hopefully he’ll bring his bathing suit! I’ll let you know how that goes and also give you the scoop on the amazing recovery benefits of water running. Then on Saturday, I’m testing out another extreme form of treatment. Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I spend most of my time in training hovering on the injury line (and frequently going over). I have been dealing with a niggly injury in my right thigh in training, so time to pull out the big guns. After hearing about a friend who went through this treatment, I knew I had to give it a shot. What is it, you ask? Cryotherapy! Yes, very Austin Powers. I will be frozen down to -120 Celcius (or below). Twice.

Crazy? Yes. More to come! To get an idea of what I’m gearing up for, have a read of this article:

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