Training over the holidays (apparently for a pie-eating contest)

Right now I’m overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from the deck of a little cottage, perched on top of some cliffs on the south shore of Bermuda.  This tiny island truly is a slice of paradise: sun above, pink sand below, and air at a temperature worthy of even goldilocks’ approval (not too hot, not too cold, but just right…). Yeah, I know, tough life eh? Everything would be perfect right now if it weren’t for the immense pain emanating from my stomach. We are on a full gourmet meal plan here at our resort and I could only resist the heavenly culinary goodness for so long.   Breakfast overlooking the ocean was following closely by a boozy two-course lunch, which was highly effective at putting diners into a food coma until tea in the early afternoon. Tea, complete with crust-off sandwiches, French pastries and whipped cream, was closely followed by happy hour in the bar and then the main event: DINNER. Three courses plus the occasional amuse-bouche (and let me say my bouche was very much amused) and copious amounts of wine…
I put up all my defenses. I really did. When I asked to split an appetizer with my mother, the waiter brought us two anyway. I tried to decline the first course one night, but I was coaxed into having the grilled scallops with a green pea sauce and mango chutney (“it’s very light!”).  I tried to drink diet coke, but its sickly sweet aspartame taste did not pair nearly as well with my chocolate gateau as did my pinot gris wine. Damn it.
I hit my ultimate low at the Christmas breakfast buffet. I’d like to tell you about it – I really would – but the details of that morning are too painful too recall. I remember deep-fried sushi, roast turkey and cassava loaf, and some kind of chocolate fountain…
Okay, so I know I’m not the only person that has experienced this type of setback in his or her training over the holidays.  The way I see it, one can take one of three approaches over Christmas and New Years:
(1) Maintain your training regime as usual. When someone offers you eggnog, just say no (or bah humbug). Join in Christmas dinner, but stick to lean turkey breast – hold the gravy and cranberry sauce. Only indulge in the mashed potatoes if the carb boost coincides with training.
(2) Let all hell break loose. Hey, the holidays don’t count as real life, right? Bring on the Christmas pudding!!
(3) Do your best. Train when you can, try to eat healthily, but for goodness sake, holidays are meant to be ENJOYED. You aren’t going to spontaneously combust if you miss a training session and hey, it could be good for you to let loose.
What would you pick? Okay, so it might seem obvious that I would take door number 3. I really feel like I tried my best, but in the end the result probably wasn’t much different than if I went through door number 2. Sigh. But the important thing to remember is that it isn’t the end of the world and yes, it probably did me some good to relax a bit. My lobster stuffed with, um, lobster was worth the extra 8 hours of cardio I’m going to have to do to make up for it J 
Plus, who could resist the quality time hanging out with this bunch? (I love my family)
 My brother-in-law and my sister Kim

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