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Pre-race nerves…

It is almost 1 am in the morning and the alarm is set for 5 am for my flight to Geneva…and then onward to Chamonix for the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc. Here we are again. Injured and nervous, but itching to run (and praying to the running gods that “it” will just come together on race day).

What race am I doing exactly? Video of last year’s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

Stay tuned.

Alone, in the clear air and searching sunlight, we are afoot with the quiet gods, and men can know each other and themselves for what they are. 

2 comments on “Pre-race nerves…

  1. Injured???? What happened this time!??!

  2. Think postive – you'll be fine. Legs were in fairly good shape when I treated them yesterday – flexibility was the best I've seen from you.

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